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Why 16 weeks and not 8?

While you are here..

WHY 16 weeks courses?

1. Quality over quantity

2. Progression and development as a student

3. The prosess of learning and having fun with it

  • Teachers responsibility and creating quality:

There are many reasons for having 16 weeks course. We know from over 25 years experience it takes more than 6-8 weeks to learn something useful. Our wide curriculum is built in a way that benefits the student, and gives you the pleasure of using what you learn on the dance floor. 

We as teachers have a responsibility to make sure that you as a student is seen and have the follow-up you desire when you pay for learning a new life skill. We want to create quality and give you the tools to be on your own. And our students that are with us already, knows this works and see the value of  16 weeks.

  • Limited amount in each class:

We want to see you and give you feedback. Therefor we will not allow more people in class than what is comfortable for you. You are paying for a service and we want to provide you with this. We want to give you feedback, and we want to help you develop as a dancer. We encourage you to ask questions and get help from us with whatever you are wondering about. You can ask in class or after class. 

  • Pay every month:

We also know the financial situation is harder these days, therefor we are implementing a new paying system. You can pay everything in one go, or you pay a monthly subscription. But when you sign up, you sign up for all 16 weeks. Remember you can always catch up by taking other classes if you missed one week. 

  • Come and try out:

If you are not sure, come and test out the first week. We care about you and want to provide you with what you want and need. And the most important thing, to have fun while dancing!

Studio address: Arbeidergata 4, Oslo (studio Orient)

We are proud to have a yearly student showcase at Cosmopolite Scene at the end of every spring semester. This is completley up to you if you want to perform or not, you can choose to just enjoy the classes and not perform. The choice is all up to you. But it's a nice feeling and a happy and feel good concept. 

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