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 Join Us for a Free Open Day at A-custica Dance Academy! 

Ever wanted to dance? Now's your chance! Come and enjoy our free dance classes on our open day:


*12.00-12.45: Tap Dance for Beginners: A rhythmic and energetic dance style where your feet create music! Perfect for those who have never danced before. No age limit & no previous experience needed.


*13.00-13.45 Mambo (N.Y. Style Salsa) for Beginners: One of the most popular Salsa styles worldwide. A partner dance that blends Afro-Cuban rhythms with jazz. Ideal for newcomers with no prior dance experience.


*14.00-14.45 Mambo (N.Y. Style Salsa) for Improvers/Intermediate: Designed for those curious about our classes and our school, perfect for those who have danced other styles like Cuban or LA salsa.


All classes are FREE! Spread the word and bring your friends for a fun, dance-filled day. Discover the joy of dance, learn new skills, and meet fellow dance enthusiasts.

Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to explore new dance styles and add some rhythm to your life. See you there!

FREE OPEN DAY- 17th of August

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