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Improvers/Nybegynner fortsettelse (Level 2)

Open level

Beginners (Level 1)

Intermediate/øvet (Level 3)

Intermediate/advanced (level 4)

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Prices at the bottom.


18.00-19.00 Litt øvet/øvet

20.15-21.15 Masterclass Stepp


18.20-19.20 Nybegynner

19.30-20.30 kondisjon, styrke & fleksibilitet

(for alle uansett tidligere danseerfaring)


18.00-19.00 Nybegynner fortsettelse/litt øvet

19.05-20.05 Øvet

20.10-21.10 Litt øvet

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Logo Acustica-01.png


16 week course NOK 2650

Under 16 years NOK 2150

VIP card 16 weeks unlimited 7000 kr

10% when you book

more courses

Professionals 10%


Drop-in kr 250

VIPPS or Card

Pay monthly subscription:

* 1 course/monthly subscription: 690 kr

* VIP card/monthly subscription: 1775 kr

Monthly subscription is payed every 4th week.

All 16 weeks are binding.

Spring 2023 payments days are: 16/1, 13/2, 20/3, 1/5.

All classes are 16 weeks.This is to make sure you have progress and continuity as a dancer, and will have the best possible progress. Registration is binding for the whole course. 


*Free try-out but no open week* 

If you want to sign up, but are not sure which level you belong to, you are free to try out different classes the first week without any additional fee. If you only want to take a class without signing up, the fee is a standard drop in. 

E-mail for private lessons.

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