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What is A-custica all about?


A-custica performing arts is a totally new concept located in the heart of Oslo. The owners, Iselin Jansen Ruiz and Alexis Ruiz, are combining their passion for music and dance. As unique as it can get, this is not only a school and education center, but also a platform for the arts. 



We want our students to be educated and receive quality training of the highest level. Therefor we offer more than regular dance classes. We give our students musical education and lectures. We invite them to learn and immerse in history and traditions, and to learn where the artforms originated from, and where they are today.



Both Iselin and Alexis are experts in their own fields. Iselin Jansen Ruiz is running Tickle Toes Tap dance school, which is the tap dance department of A-custica. With her experience and knowledge in tap dance, jazz dance and jazz music one will get the best teaching experience. The second department of

A-custica is Mambo, latin dance & percussion. Alexis Ruiz "Alexistyle" is an expert in Mambo and Latin American music and dance. His wide knowledge about roots, history and music, gives you a unique learning process.



We focus on history, tradition, music education and of course the dancing! With us you will have the most fun you ever had, while expanding your knowledge and enjoying yourself! Our philosophy is grounded in knowing and understanding the past, to evolve the future. We take care of our students with dedicated educators, who has extensive experience in their field. With us you will learn about the roots, the traditions and origins of these musical and rhythmic fields, and everything with high quality!


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