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What is Mambo?

MAMBO is more than a dance...


it's a feeling, it's a groove

It's letting the rhythm speak through your body...

it's more than a style, it's a lifestyle

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Mambo salsa steppdans tap dance

We have all heard about Salsa dance. But have you heard about Mambo? 


What many people don't know is that Salsa dance originated from Mambo. It's what is commonly known today as Salsa on2 /N.Y style. Mambo has its origins in Cuba, dating back to the1940’s.

The meaning of the word "Mambo" means "To speak". Or as the pioneer Arsenio Rodriguez said "It's communication with the Gods!"


First originated as a music style which gradually evolved in different forms and subsequently a dance  was created in Cuba.

Mambo as a social dance phenomenon started in New York. Since the 1950's when Cuban Mambo was introduced to jazz musicians and other dance forms such as Ballroom, Tap and Swing.

Mambo dance contains all the elegance and sophistication of Jazz and Ballroom dances with the groove, rhythm and flavours of Afro-Cuban dances.

The ultimate social dance experience and a true language through the music and movements, whether danced socially in couples, as solo or in groups.

- It’s essence lays in the intuitive interaction with the music. Mambo or Salsa N.Y style was stablished by the well known “Mambo King” Eddie Torres. His technique has became a worldwide standar. The main attributes are its connection with the rhythm and the natural flow of its technique, making it a fiery yet smooth and charming style. A true art form in its own.


Today Mambo dance is regarded worldwide as the ultimate latin dance revolution. It has taken the social latin dance scene by storm, as well as the entertainment industry such as performances, showcases and competitions around the globe.

Salsa has been introduced in different variations in Norway since late 1980's. Mambo Masterclass was introduced in Norway after Alexis Ruiz arrived from Japan in 2007. 

Around the world there has been a rebirth of the true essence of Mambo for the last 5-10 years. People are becoming more aware of the different styles, and they fall in love with Mambo because of the feeling, the groove and the connection to the music. As Mambo is also a solo dance, it is perfect for these times when we cannot be as socially close as before. 

Alexis has finally opened his own school in Oslo after 14 years teaching at different schools and training Norwegian champions. Most schools in Norway have a combination of Salsa, Kizomba, Bachata and Zouk. But we believe that concentrating on what we know best and have the most experience in, will give our student the best kind of experience.


We are passionated about teaching Mambo mainly because we can see how the interaction with the music can truly change peoples sense of rhythm in a very intuitive way.

The meaning of the word

"Mambo"  means "To speak"

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