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About Allure

Allure dance company was founded by Alexis Ruiz in 2015. Allure D.C is the most representative mambo dance crew in Norway. Gaining international recognition for it's uniqueness and musical interpretation. In 2018 Iselin Jansen Ruiz opened a new partition of the company, called Allure Tap Company. They are both seen as professional and unique companies in each of their communities. Check out their facebook pages for more information.

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Allure Tap company


Allure Tap company is a professional jazz- and tap dance company based in Oslo. Director and choreographer is Iselin Jansen Ruiz. It exist of up-and-coming dancers and singers of Oslo. All professionals, full of talents and quality. Members are: Sofie Huijs, Ole Marius Larsen, Siren Hermansen, Marte Dyrnes & Casandra Simon.

Their appearances includes Bølgen & Moi 2019, Cosmopolite Scene 2019, Oslo Jazzdansfestival 2020 and more. 

Sponsored by Boutique LaDanse & Tickle Toes.

Photo 1: Iselin Jansen Ruiz

Photo 2: Oslo Jazzdansfestival 2020, Natalie Dahl


Allure Dance company


Allure Dance company is one of the few pure mambo companies of Scandinavia. It is a concept and a project by Alexis Ruiz. Alexis focus on musicality and rhythms, and shows storytelling and traditions in his choreographies. The company is project based, and performers has through it's years been long time salsa dancer Petter Woxen, Nalini Løver, Vilde Fauchald, Norwegian champions Laurentiu Jisa, Stine Fjeld, international latin dancer Katrin Lerner, tap dancer Iselin Ruiz, professional ballerina Emmeline Jansen and more.

Their appearances includes Nordic salsa congress 2015/2016, Hot Salsa Weekend (Stockholm) 2015-2018, Ahi Na Ma Salsa Festival (Brussels) 2016, Latin Festival, (Stuttgart) 2017, Antalya Latin Fest. (Antalya) 2017, Mambo Revolution Stockholm 2018, Salsafestival Bodensee 2019, Cosmopolite Scene 2018/2019, Gothenburg salsa workshop 2018 (Dance Vida) and more. 

Photo 1: Iselin Jansen Ruiz.

Photo 2: Iselin Jansen Ruiz.

Photo 2: Iselin Jansen Ruiz, assistant Emmeline Jansen.

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