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Norwegian Rhythm Production (NRP) was started in 2014 by Iselin Jansen Ruiz. It's vision is to help create a network and great events around the rhythmical dance scene in Norway and Europe.


A big part of the company is to represent international artists in a professional manner and creating events for the community. NRP has a base in Norway, England & Sweden, but are frequently operating around Europe and cooperating with top artists. It's main art form is Tap dance, but dance and music influences in several directions and NRP has great artists from all over the world.


NRP works for a larger community in Norway, bringing international artist to Norway to inspire and share knowledge. Creating workshops, jams, working with musicians, producing films, professional photography, producing international festivals, concerts and other exciting happenings.


Norwegian Rhythm Production


It's founder and manager is Iselin Jansen. Iselin started dancing when she was 4 years old. She’s been trained in everything from ballet, jazz, hiphop, salsa and house, but found her style and passion when she was 16 years old; Tap dance. She has been a student at schools like At tickletoes steppdansskole, Circle - Det norske hiphop huset, Subsdans, Salsakompaniet, Fagerborg vgs and Subjazz. She became a member of Oslo Tap Crew (oslo steppdanskompani) in 2012 and performed on regular basis with the crew when it was active. Now she is producing music with her husband Alexis Ruiz, who is a salsa dancer and percussionist. They also have future dance projects coming up.

January 2015 she started Oslo’s first Tap festival, Tap Oslo, together with Ludovico Hombravella Suarez. This has been an important event to gather the community in Oslo and Scandinavia. Bringing all types of dancers from all over the country and from different schools to celebrate what we all love. Tap Oslo has proudly all years been supported by the Norwegian art council and FFUK.


In 2019 she started Allure Tap company, who has become a leading tapdance and jazz company in Norway. 

The last couple of years she’s been traveling the world taking classes and learning from the leading tap community. People she got to know on the way and learn from are highly acknowledged dancers as Jason Samuel Smith, Sarah Reich, Chloe Arnold, Kazu Kumagai, Thanos Daskalopoulos, Michela Marino Lerman, Roxanne Butterfly, Ludovico Hombravella Suarez,  Andrew Nemr and many more. She has also had the opportunity to teach, jam and dance at some of different places she’s been.

She has also been in different tv-commercials and performances. Currently she’s working on different projects in Oslo and teaching tap at NSKI høyskole, Det norske teateret, Norsk ballettinstitutt, At tickle Toes, Musikkteaterforum, Fet Kulturskole and more. She is now the proud owner and director of Tickle toes tap dance school. The school was founded by her mentor Kjersti Evensen in 2002, and Iselin is happy to continue to bring forward the legacy of the school and its importance in the Norwegian dance community.


She is also a freelance photographer and has worked with professional dancers, company’s and tap festivals around the world. Her photography education is from Bilder Nordic School of photography with a two year diploma in commercial photography.

On the side she has a Bachelor in Psychology, diploma in pedagogy and is currently taking a masters in Law.

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