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Norwegian Rhythm Production (NRP) was started in 2014 by Iselin Jansen. It's vision is to help create a network and great events around the rhythmical dance scene in Norway and Europe.


A big part of the company is to represent international artists in a professional manner and creating events for the community. NRP has a base in Norway & Sweden, but are frequently operating around europe and cooperating with top artists. It's main art form is Tap dance, but NRP is also representing dance and music in all genres and great artists from all over the world.


NRP works for a larger community in Norway, bringing international artist to Norway to inspire and share knowledge. Creating workshops, jams, working with musicians, producing films, professional photography, producing international festivals, concerts and other exciting happenings.

The inspiration of founding Norwegian Rhythm Production:

Ludovico Hombravella Suarez

Born in Mexico, living in Barcelona, Ludovico was one of the greatest tap dancers in Europe. Arranging jams, festivals, workshop and using his talent to create a larger better community in europe, he was an important part of the Norwegian Rhythm Productions vision.

This was a man who was born to dance, and when he got on stage he moved anyone by his talent and grace.




Ludovico Hombravella Suarez was a world know tap-dancer with his  base in Barcelona. He’s well recognized in the European tap dance scene, and has toured all over the world and given workshops in countries as France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Finland, Spain, Lebanon, Tureky and Japan.

He has also hosted several tap-festivals and Jams as Stockholm tap festival (2012), Tap on Barcelona (2010-2013), Junco Jazz Club in Madrid, Mirablau Barcelona & Swing Maniacs.

As a coreographer he has credits as «Solos» (directed by Basilio Gonzalez), «W.O.T.O», «Walk On Tap On» (co-creator). And he has also worked with artists and bands as Roxane Butterfly, Sebastian Weber, Bob Sands Big Band, Perico Sambeat Sacred Concert D.E. , Gordon Webster Sextet, Rafael Amargo, Camut Band,  T.J. Jazz Quartet.


One of his last projects was as a co-foundeer, co-organizer and faculty member of Oslo Tap Festival 2015.


He passed away 22. july 2015, after struggeling with a rare form of lung cancer.

He will be remember for his courage, wisedom, knowledge, bright spirit, determination, rhythm, and his love for the art.  A true master of tap. A hoofer by heart. You left the world to soon.


Woto Royale Barcelona
Stockholm tapfestival 2012
Norwegian opera roof
Oslo Steppdanskompani 2011
Woto royale BCN
TapOn BCN 2014
Stockholm tapfestival 2012
Oslo Steppdanskompani 2011
Concert Oslo 2014
Woto Royale BCN
Woto Royale BCN
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